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Green Light Foundation will provide relief assistance to reduce financial distress so the applicant can remain a proud productive citizen.


Green Light Foundation provides need based grants.  We work with the applicant to determine a need and define a budget plan.  We then work with an organization local to the applicant to pay the portion of the bill worked out with the applicant.  If the applicant maintains the budget, or updates it for any financial changes, there is no limit to how many time the applicant can reapply for another grant.

We do not give the money directly to the applicant.  The purpose is to relieve the applicants of the financial distress so that they can remain productive citizens.

Many Americans are making enough to get by.  Then something happens that puts a burden on their finances.  Yet when they apply for relief funding, they do not qualify.  They earn too much for government assistance, or do not meet the criteria for relief funds from other organizations.

Have you been asked to help pay a bill for someone else, or know of someone who has?  Have you ever received money from another person to help pay a bill?

Ever wanted to do something with a colleague, but got the response “I don’t have the money”?

Are you tired of your taxes going to financial aid programs that most of us do not qualify for?


Possible purposes for the grant.  The purposes are not limited to this list.

Vehicle repair

Appliance repair/purchase

Utility bill

Stress relief activities such as, but not limited to, a movie, a babysitter, or even a dinner



Green Light Foundation will also provide free budgeting services, but does not provide any type of professional financial services.  Green Light Foundation will help prepare a budget along with a savings plan.  If the budget is being followed, the applicant can continue to apply for grants, provided funds are available.

Your support is very much needed and appreciated.

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